Blacksmithing Class Description and Cost

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Using your head, heart & hands!

Beginner Blacksmithing Class:

This class is recommended (prerequisite)  to take first before any other class.

In the class you will learn studio shop safety, how to stand at the anvil, the parts of the anvil and how to use them to your advantage when forging. Preventing muscle fatigue which is important if you decide to practice the craft long term. Shaping metal, bending, twisting, drawing out, splitting, reverse curve  are examples of what you will learn in a beginner blacksmithing class. It is a lot of information and many skills to perfect. This is a Saturday class 9:00 to 12:00 cost $140.00

Other classes offered:

Held on Saturday these are three hour classes and you will finish the project in that time frame. Class time 9-12:00 or  afternoon 3-6:00 pm check for availability.

Long BBQ Fork  -Cost $155.00

Small Knife-mild steel – Cost $180.00

Small Knife- Spring steel Cost $ 195.00

Small Throwing knife Cost $ 185.00

Spring steel is harder then mild steel to work with. Please note.

Tomahawk  with a forge weld edge-Cost $185.00

Forge weld will be necessary with this class. Please note.


Hammer class  Cost $ 165.00         Blacksmith Tongs $155.00

Chisel cost $155.00

Gift Certificates Available

 Private Lessons Available: 

We offer private lessons to students who have a plan or project in mind to accomplish. Each plan is designed to fit the student’s needs and skill set, project intended and advancing them to the next level of blacksmithing  cost $75.00 per hour.

Cancellation of class or Private lesson:

Please give two week’s notice-we are saving a spot and time for you. A $50.00 fee is charged for missed or late cancellation of class or private. Thank you for understanding.

Payment accepted: Checks and cash


School location:

901 Turnpike Street Canton, MA. 02021    Bay  #2     617-969-5424

Second Bay from road Just behind Southeast Railing Company