Class Description and Cost

Beginner Blacksmithing:

must be taken first for greater success with other classes-Thank you.

It is strongly suggested to take two beginner blacksmithing classes before taking any other blacksmithing class offered. This will enhance your enjoyment of the class and the project outcome. This is a craft which takes time at the anvil to become proficient at, along with muscle memory, hammer control and stamina. It isn’t something you can understand in a few hours it takes time.

In the class you will learn studio shop safety, how to stand at the anvil, the parts of the anvil and how to use them to your advantage when forging. Preventing muscle fatigue which is important if you decide to practice the craft long term. Shaping metal, bending, twisting, drawing out, splitting, reverse curve, and leaves are examples of what you will learn in a beginner blacksmithing class. It is a lot of information and many skills to perfect.

Class cost $140.00 you will make a spoon and hook if time permits. Second class fork and hook if time permits. This is a good base to move onto the next classes we offer. Or if you have a project in mind let us know and maybe we can accommodate you and build a class around your idea or you can book open studio time and we can help you make it.

Open Studio Time:

Is booked on week nights as of now we offer Tuesday and Thursdays 6:00 to 8:00 pm but give us a call if you have another evening in mind. Cost is $35.00 per hour, two hour min.


Some of the other classes you can take after beginner blacksmithing classes are taken:

Long BBQ Fork  -Cost $155.00 without beginner class taken $ 195.00

Small Knife-mild steel Cost $160.00 without beginner class $ 200.00

Small Knife- Spring steel Cost $ 175.00   without beginner class $ 215.00

Chopping knife-herb knife Cost $170.00  without beginner class $ 210.00

Pizza Ax  Cost $175.00  without beginner class $215.00

Tomahawk Cost $180.00 without beginner class $220.00


Hammer Head Cost $ 155.00 without beginner class $ 195.00

Blacksmithing Tongs $155,00 without beginner class $ 195.00

Chisel cost $155.00  without beginner class $195.00

Garden tools coming for the May classes!!

Call for class availability.  Thank you.