About Classes

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                                Classical Blacksmithing School of Boston


For the Fall season we would like to offer classes on Saturdays.

The Exploration Into the Craft of Blacksmithing

Time is 9:00  to noon.  Place 70 Linden Street Newton,MA. Phone 617-969-5424

The class is structured to fit the needs of the student, we will start out with studio safety, how the use the hammer and anvil, how to use a gas forge. Hammer control, parts of the hammer and anvil and how to use them as well.  If you have a project in mind just send it along to us- a simple drawing will do, measured is even better.

As of now the open class we will offer is October 14, 2018. We will be running classes with four students max., to provide more individual attention to each student.  Cost $140.00 includes materials.  Call now to reserve your space in class.

The month of November has a few Saturdays being offered 4th or 18th. Call to  check availability and make a reservation.



    Semi private class of two students is also available with even more direction and attention for you and your project.  Class will run with only two students, cost $ 60.00 per hour per student with a two hour minimum. Scheduling a time and day required and payment  required when scheduled day is booked. Cash or check accepted.

Open Studio Nights

   After you get a few classes under your belt, you are welcome to attend an open studio night. These nights are being offered to folks who are interested in working on their own project at their own pace and don’t have a forge or a place to work on their project. Inquire for more details, times and days.

Current Offered times: during the week: after work or weekends.



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2 Responses to About Classes

  1. Max says:

    I was wondering if someone who has had blacksmithing experience in the past could attend the open studio nights. Is it necessary for someone who has a few weeks of experience under their belt to take the exploration or semi private classes first?

    • ironwerka says:

      Hi Max, Thank you for your inquiry about the open studio nights. The reason I suggest taking a class with instruction before is so when you take the open studio you are ready to go! Although you are famiular with the studio and you are a prior student let’s pick a date and run an open studio.

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