About us

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Using your head, heart & hands

Classical Blacksmithing School of Boston was started in 2005 in hopes  of providing people that are  interested in the art of blacksmithing  a venue to go  to and learn the  basic skills needed to create hand forged objects and art.   After many hundreds of classes under our belt we have insight to student expectations and  we teach you to have a solid understanding of processes and techniques which allows you  to move forward with your ability and with the craft of blacksmithing.

After you take the beginner blacksmithing class a whole new world will open up to you. You will not look at ironwork the same way. You will have a newfound appreciation for the craft-if you will. The project ideas are endless and once you have the basics down we will be able to bring you to the next level in your journey of blacksmithing. Forging Forward!

We make an effort to run a class every Saturday.  So give us a call for class availability and schedules.

School location 901 Turnpike Street Canton, MA 02021 

phone: 617 969 5424 Thank you!  Susan

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